Lovely Long Sleeve Running Shirts From New Balance

The tide shifted for me on running shirts long before I wrote about my beef with race day shirts, in fact, the only time I wear a cotton shirt is to work and only if it is fitted and somewhat stylish. This is my humble attempt to not look like a frumpy, make-up less, physical education teacher and mommy. At best, I will wear a cut to fit shirt, that is a moisture managing product. The shirt needs to be longer than the top of my low rise running skirts or knickers.   If the shirt offers anything more than that, I’d consider it an extra perk. Check out this long sleeve, moisture-wicking, fitted top from New Balance! The shirt comes equipped with a pocket for your IPOD in the shoulder and a little hole to weave your headphones through.

The seems offer detail to slim you down and the color is gorgeous. I love that green. In addition, it even has little thumb holes to cover your hands for added warmth. One problem with the thumb holes is the it makes it challenging to get my monstrous Garminover it. So it’s either the Garmin or keeping my hands warm! Luckily, it hasn’t been that cold here lately, so I’m good. How many of you where your Garmins when you run and glance down all the time at it? I almost feel like when I’m wearing it I’m a slave to time, distance and pace! If I were to be really picky, I’d say the sizing is generous. But, other than that it’s a gorgeous, moisture-wicking top for running. From the New Balance Website regarding the material!

CoCoNa™ is a natural technology that utilizes charcoal (or activated carbon) derived from coconut shells. This charcoal is then combined with polyester fibers to create a garment with enhanced performance properties, including evaporative cooling, odor resistance, and added UV protection to keep you comfortable in any environment. CoCoNa™ fabrics are lightweight, comfortable, and retain all of the conventional product features, such as stretch and washability. Because it is all natural, CoCoNa products will retain or improve their performance over the life of the product.

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