Simple Shortcuts – 5 Easy Hacks That Will Make Life As A New Mom Easier

Congratulations on the birth of your new bundle of joy! Life is sure to get crazy in the coming weeks, if it hasn’t already, so it’s best to cut down on stress where you can. Below, we’ve listed a few clever hacks that are sure to make your new mom’s life easier. 

  1. Bra Comfort

One of the things many new moms struggle with during pregnancy and after, especially if breastfeeding, is bra comfort. Your body goes through a wide range of changes during this time, and it can be difficult finding the right size and fit that suits your needs. 

There are many bras on the market designed for pregnancy and postpartum while breastfeeding, but few actually “grow” with you. A good nursing sports bra, though, can make all the difference in the world. Made of breathable fabric that stretches as your body changes throughout pregnancy, these bras are designed with nursing in mind, so there’s no struggle when your little one is hungry. 

  1. Change of Clothes

While it’s common sense to carry a change of clothing (or three!) for your little one, it’s also a good idea to carry a change of clothes for you. Babies spit up, and there’s always that chance of a diaper blow-out. As a mom, you’re never immune to the mess. It’s better to be prepared with extra clothing than to be left walking around with baby puke on your shoulder all day! 

  1. Multiple Diaper Changing Stations

If you have a two-story home, make life easier by having a diaper changing station on each level. This little hack will save you mounds of time and energy not having to climb the stairs every time your bundle of joy needs a fresh hiney. 

Be sure to keep each station fully stocked with everything from diapers to nappy rash cream so you won’t have to make a dash upstairs for something that’s run out. 

  1. Zippers Not Buttons

You’ll learn quickly that babies rarely lay still unless they’re sleeping. It can be difficult and frustrating trying to snap or button a full-body sleeper on a squirming, impatient baby. Do yourself and your baby a favor and invest in zip-up sleepers instead. Just be sure to watch closely as you zip them up. It’s easy to catch a baby’s delicate skin in the zipper, so pull it as far away from your little one’s body as possible as you pull the zipper up.

  1. Baby Wipes

Another thing you’ll learn quickly is that baby wipes can be used for so much more than just wiping your little one’s rear. As you probably already know, babies are messy little humans, so there’s always a need to clean something. To make life a whole lot easier as a new mom, keep a package of baby wipes in every room of the home, and don’t just buy one pack at a time. Most manufacturers offer boxes of six or more, so don’t waste time or money on buying individual packages. You’re going to need a lot, we promise!

Life as a new mom has probably already changed dramatically for you. It’s likely gotten harder, but thankfully, there are hacks like the ones listed above to help make mom life a little easier. If you’d like to learn more new mom hacks, the internet is full of them. Make Google your best friend and good luck!

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