Mama Mio Booty Cream, Boob Tube And Giveaway

Ha! Hopefully, you guys will all get a laugh about this! I sure did. Yes, I workout. You don’t have to tell me to go run or lift weights. Possibly, tell me to cool it (evidence in current knee situation). However, somebody would NEED to tell me to take care of my skin. Morning regime consists of soap, sunscreen and a hat! Any other area of my body is lucky if it gets lotion. My legs are lucky if they are shaved, ya know? (little more than that but not much. Time is Key in the AM). So, enter MamaMio Boot Camp for your skin! Complete with lotions, creams and serums for your boobs, butt, and tummy. Founded by three mamas, already in the beauty industry, who wanted to PREVENT skin damage caused by pregnancy.

It’s NOT just your tummy that grows and shrinks! They started with the tummy rub oil to prevent stretch marks for pregnancy and beyond. The products have gained the attention and respect of celebs such as Gabrielle Reece and Rachel Weisz. Mama Mio has maintained a high degree of integrity with the ingredients and has a NO NASTIES policy on parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, synthetic fragrance and petrolatum (otherwise none as Vaseline). As I sit here typing, I am giggling. “Boot camp for your skin?” You’ve got to be kidding! Honestly, I’ve giggled every time I’ve used it. It took me a week to figure out the order of the products and now when I have enough time to THINK in the morning, I always use all of it!

First: you put the Body Buff on dry (butt, backs of legs), scrub, then get in the shower.

Second: You apply the Tummy Toner “facial peel for the body” to any area where skin texture is important such as butt and tummy. Tummy Toner has Papaya Enzymes that act to stimulate cell regeneration & soften and exfoliate the skin.

Third: Apply the Shrink to Fit Cream to any area that you want to reduce the cottage cheese effect. From the website: “Designed to smooth, tone, soften, increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite.” Love the comments on this page, “because lipo sucks!”

Finally (or maybe first) you apply the BOOB TUBE from your neck down to just past your breasts. Designed to help strengthen and rebuild elasticity and prevent degradation of collagen. It feels incredible. After I apply it, I go eat breakfast and I can still smell the wonderful aromas. To me, it’s almost like taking a “mommy moment”- time out for yourself and your skin and, hubby, will be excited at the results. Mama Mio stands behind the “30 DAYS for a butt lift in a box!” The creams plus a combination of diet and exercise and these high quality products, and you will look fabulous!


The BOOB TUBE is designed to keep your boobs heading north and not south! For those of us, who have had babies, you know we are already behind in this department. Some quotes about the product include “3 days and my boobs felt perkier and firmer” OK Magazine, and according to Good Housekeeping “it makes things decidedly more perky”. Bootcamp for Boobs also comes with specific exercises for the pectoralis major, minor, biceps and triceps. Designed to build muscle tissue in the areas below your boobs and adding 3 minutes to your morning routine with some specific exercises for that area of your body. MAMA MIO is giving one of you lovely readers a BOOB TUBE! Please take a moment and check out the website and then leave a comment by September 24th at 9pm to be entered to win. WInner needs to reside in the US and reply to email within 24 hours. I will also post the winner on September 25th.

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