Picture yourself in a room full of sweaty people. It is almost dark. You can’t see the person next to you, but you can smell them. The teacher is in the front of the room, calling for yet another Down Dog and all you can think of is, “Oh my gosh, I’m sweating like a pig!” There is sweat dripping down your back, your face, down your legs- you might as well take a shower in your sweat, cause you are THAT wet. This is way more than stretching, this in 90 minutes of pain and agony. The last time I went to yoga, I was sweating this much. In fact, in warrior position, I was slipping off the mat! “No, no, no, dig in, don’t move..is all I could think of!” I could just picture myself slipping into a very compromising position in some kind of weird split that I could NOT get myself out of. This is what a hot yoga class feels like and it is made 1,000 times worse on a slippery mat! Might as well go ice skating!

So, with that WET picture in mind, let me introduce you to MANDUKA. Manduka is founded on the simple principle that a yoga mat can make a world of difference! I am thrilled and thankful (for their generous gift of a mat) so that I might be able to share my experience with you.

Here are the specifics:
Manduka prides itself on having a lifetime guarantee, it is a completely green product with zero-waste, and has the most awesome cushioning and support imaginable!
Here’s what other people are saying: “These mats rock!” Shiva Rhea. “No peeling, bunching or slipping.” Baron Baptiste. “The taj mahal of yoga mats” Rod Stryker. These names are BIG in Yoga Journal Magazine and are big names in the Yoga world.
What do I love about it?
I should say, what don’t I love about it? Nothing! It’s the most wonderful thing to have under your feet in a yoga class or in your home studio. I now COVET my yoga mat! I Iove how thick it is (PROLite has 3/16? thickness) and my bones are very thankful! On my old mat, I could feel all my sit bones on the floor for all the sitting poses. With this one, it’s like I’m sitting on a thick comfy floor type surface. The length, it’s almost a foot longer than my old mat which makes it much easier to add length to a pose. Finally, I love that I no longer have to worry about slipping off the mat. My feet are able to dig in to the mat in a down dog and not slip or slide in Warrior pose. Feel like I went from a Hyundai to a Benz!!
Concerned about the cost? Just buy two. They are $54 each with free shipping. Click here for the link. Your friends will love you, too.
Who else covets their yoga mat? What brand is your favorite?
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