Modern Running Clothes

Fitness is a priority in my house. I arrange my days around what workouts are planned and what is available to me as a mother of two children. Clarity and peace of mind make the run or ride time worth spent. Great ideas seems to just pop in my head when I’m out running. It’s amazing, and I love to sweat! Since, my workouts are so important to me, so too are my running clothes. They are my “buddies” when it’s time to get suited up and I have a few choice pieces that I wear again and again-particularly running skirts.
My favorite brands used to be Prana, Patagonia, and Voler. However, I am absolutely blown away by the never ending, fashionable running clothes available on the market today. Athleta has the most stylish running skirt and matching top- I’ve seen yet this year. It resembles a tennis outfit, but it’s designed for running. The skirt is equipped with fitted short and a zip pocket for your keys. My requirements for running- as well as for cycling- are to look good while sweating. If I look good, I run faster! I don’t mind it when people look at my legs because I work hard, however, I’d prefer to accentuate the positive-my legs- and deemphasize my booty- and running skirts really do solve both problems.
Thank you, Athleta!

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