“Mommy, I need to pee!!!!!!!!!!”

This past weekend, I had the amazing pleasure of participating in a co-ed husband & wife teamed crossfit event in the town of Upland, California at CrossFit Kinnick. My husband and I along with another couple competed in an intermediate category of 4 individual crossfit WODS (Mini-Helen, Mini-Jackie, Fran, and Grace) along with CrossFit Totals at the end of the competition. Per lift, we had 7 minutes to find our 1 Rep Max in the Deadlift, Back Squat and Press) for all four people.
At the very last minute, we lost our babysitter and chose to take our children to the event. My children are 6 & 9 and had spent the last week being ridiculously sick. So sick that they were sleeping upwards of 14 hours a day and had a high fever for 3 + days. We figured they’d be happy at the competition because there are always tons of kids around and lots of ipads and iphones to use in case of an emergency. Turns out my kids can be VERY obsessive when it comes to Angry Birds on the iPad when left to their own devices. Anyway, when it came time for us to compete, I nudged them both and tried to get them up to come watch us!! They would not budge!

So, I start my workout of 600 meter row, 30 thrusters and 20 pullups and was fairly well gassed by 300 meters…My husband is right behind me doing FRAN at the same time. We had no idea what the other one was doing and we both were in our own version of the “pain cave”. All I could think about during the row was how to save my legs, because 30 thrusters were coming up……I get off the rower and start thrusting a 33 pound bar which is SUPER light and my quads were on FIRE. Like it burned everytime I took a squat. Those 30 thrusters were the hardest and most painful of my life, not kidding. In the middle of this SERIOUS pain, I see my youngest child directly in front of me. He’s got that look of urgency and then points to his private parts and mouths the words, “mommy, I need to pee”! Clearly, I was in the middle of something and that didn’t matter to him! I will never forget this event for that one moment.

Major pain face

In the end, we all had a good time inflicting pain on ourselves. I would like to thank the organizers of the Battle of the Boxes for hosting a well run, well judged, appropriately timed event. I had great help from the staff when I needed it and I even got a “Congrats” from the owner of the box which I totally didn’t expect. In fact, I felt horrible about my particular event that anytime anyone told me I did a good job, I gave them a weird look–cause in my mind, I stank it up.

There’s always room for improvement, Rachel!!

Until next time!

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