Move Over Lululemon! Shopping at Marshall’s Meets this Mom’s Needs.

Who, I mean who here shops at malls anymore?  As far as I am concerned, there are no malls worthy of my time.  The closest shopping “mall” is a mere 15 minutes away, but, I do not EVER go there.  Put me in an REI any day of the week, but, the mall?  Ummmmmm…..NO….
However, for certain date nights when I’d like something to spruce up my wardrobe- guess where I go?  Marshall’s. Do you have one?  There is also T.J. Maxx which are similar, but, we only have Marshall’s in our town.  I can always count on Marshall’s for cute, sexy “up to date” styles and tops that are within this mom’s budget!  If I need a “theme” dress for a one night function, I turn to Marshall’s.  If I want to replace my favorite jeans — Lucky “Easy Riders”, I will hunt endlessly for them!  If I need new Margarita glasses for a New Year’s Eve party, I go to Marshall’s.  It’s all about the price and the brand, for me.  If you love something, we look elsewhere?

{Images from left to right: Lululemon, Marika, Beckons Organics}
So, I was ecstatic to learn Marshall’s was sending me shopping!   I was to shop at my local Marshall’s and blog about what I found.  How cool is that?! As you know, I live in yoga clothes six days a week and have formed a opinionated view of yoga clothes!!  At my local Marshall’s, the brands for workout clothes include Marika, The Girls, Addidas, Nike, The North Face, Columbia, and Eco Yoga (just to name a few) and I was all set to buy this line by Marika or more pants by The Girls, when I found an awesome line of clothes called Eco Yoga (images unavailable).  Actually, I took like six pairs of yoga pants to the fitting room to test out.  5 pairs of Marika and one lone pair of Eco Yoga cotton pants.  The Marika pants look really cute on the hangar, but, not on me- and they didn’t even fit!  “Eco Yoga” are made of  35% Sustainable Bamboo, 55% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex.  Can I just say the feeling of organic cotton versus synthetic is amazing?  Not only did the Marika line not fit, but, they felt itchy and scratchy on.  Long story, but, I was able to buy one pair of pants (retails for $78.00) and two cute organic t-shirts all for $50!  I’m so in love.
My only “complaint” about Marshall’s is that it is PACKED with products and it can be a bit of a needle in a haystack kind of shopping…but, when you find that gem for $20 or less, it is OKAY with me!
One other note, I’ve never tried on or worn Lululemon yoga pants (at $98 a piece), and  I am perfectly content with that!
Do you have a story to share about your local Marshall’s? How many of you shop there?  Love it, hate it…share here, thanks!
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