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I have been on a quest for a great high-impact sports bra for running. Since having babies, I’ve just been in the habit of wearing two sports bras at a time. I am NOT large breasted!! However, boobs bouncing is NOT very comfortable or even appealing. Also, bouncing boobs can lead to sagging. Who wants that?
Sara Woods, marketing manager of Moving Comfort, shared with me some very insightful information about the company. All of the staff members are athletes, triathletes, cyclists, one 8-time Ironwoman, and/or outdoor enthusiasts and Moving Comfort manufactures a large number of jog bras offered in Road Runner, Title Nine, and Activa. They take special care in offering a WIDE range of jog bras for all sizes from A- to extra large. In addition, to the fantastic support and guidance when it comes to picking the right bra size.
Things to consider when purchasing a jog bra (or you can read it in their words here).
1) Comfort. You need to do the bounce test. Try it on and jog in place. You should not be feeling any bouncing! Pump your arms. Do you notice any chaffing in the arm holes? Does it sit comfortably around your rib cage? There should be no tightness or digging into your shoulders.
This is the Lila Sports Bra top. Personally, this bra will be great for spin class, pilates, yoga, or low-impact fitness activities. It is labeled high-impact, however, I needed a bit more support. The material is super soft and the style is fantastic. I even liked how it felt on my rib cage- sometimes jog bras have a cotton liner along the elastic. This in combination with rubbing can lead chaffing and blisters! (I have a scar from a marathon and a bad jog bra). The length of this jog bra is a bit longer so it works perfectly with my heart rate monitor.

2) Easy to remove. This is key. You should be able to remove it without killing yourself. If it’s sweaty or too tight- good luck getting it off. I particularly liked this Grace bra because of the zipper. Doreen owner of The Running Center here in Redlands, also shared with me some tidbits about this bra: The lining is not stitched closed near the arm holes so a gel, or a key, could be hidden inside. Also, in case (hopefully- not you) have to have a prosthesis, this is the perfect bra to slide in that extra support and look balanced.

3) Style. I loved this Cameo Racer back bra. It’s cute and functional. Passed my bounce test, passed the chafe test, passed the ran three miles run test!

Bottom line: You have to try on more than one bra to find the gem! Personally, I love all my Moving Comfort Sports Bras each one for a reason. Grace and Cameo will be my primary high-impact running bras and the Lila will be for cycling, yoga or pilates or even all day.
If you’d like to purchase a Moving Comfort bra, try your local running store first. Then, check the Moving Comfort website to find a retailer online! I checked them all and My Favorite Styles had the most variety.

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