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Recently, in this post, I described my wishes for a job bra that would also accommodate my heart rate monitor. I use a Polar Heart Rate monitor that has a hard plastic strap.  I slip this strap under my jog bra and I’m off!  This has always been a problem on any run or ride longer than an hour.  Particularly when I’m running the sweat, strap and jog bra have caused horrible welts/blisters/chaffing on my chest.
Running and cycling are the two times that I always wear a heart rate monitor.  Monitoring my heart rate tells me how my body is functioning at that moment.  Spin classes lately have simply been about spinning my legs “out” and I want to keep my heart rate way below aerobic.  For me, that would be 120-130.  For interval work on the track or out on the streets, my heart rate is usually between 160-180 depending on my effort, sleep, stress and other factors.  It is an indication of many factors and it helps me determine how to gauge my fitness levels.

I am very excited to say that NuMetrex has found a solution to my problem! Superior moisture wicking fabric that offers great coverage and support while not “smashing” your cleavage.  Slip the transmitter in place, put the bra on and you are ready to go.  Had no problem activating my watch to the transmitter.   The transmitter did not rub, chaff, or bug me at all.  Fantastic training device that I highly recommend! This bra was just featured on the today show with our very own Leslie Goldman from the Weighting Game!!  (Very funny blogger/writer- you should check it out!)
NuMetrex heart monitoring apparel features special sensing fibers that are knit directly into the fabric.  Just pull on your NuMetrex sports bra, snap in the tiny transmitter and view your heart rate data on a compatible watch or cardio machine.  NuMetrex garments are also compatible with the Polar WearLink transmitter and all Polar watches as well as most gym quality cardio equipment.
Note to all you large breasted women- this bra is great for low to medium activities.   You MIGHT need additional support if your planning on running a marathon in it.  NuMetrex has designed a soft, textile strap to use under the jog bra for additional support.  Some women may also choose to wear two jog bras with the NuMetrex on top.  You can purchase your very own NuMetrex jog bra combo here.

NuMetrex is giving one away to one of you wonderful readers!!
Simply post a comment about your current fitness routines and how a heart rate monitor could improve your training.  Winner will be announced on this site on July 19th.  Retail value of the combo package is $100. Winner must provide a U.S. Mailing address and reply to email within 24 hours.

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