My beef with race day t-shirts.

It’s that time of the year when I purge my closet of old, unworn, stained and/or unsightly clothes. Over the years, I’ve participated in many running races and triathlons and my evidence of participation comes in the form of a t-shirt.
Honestly, I NEVER wear the shirts! Ok, a small exaggeration, I wore my San Diego Marathon t-shirt a few times to work- when I was a Physical Education teacher and I wanted my students to see my PROOF. But, other than that, they sit in my drawer, clean and never worn for years… Then, I finally decide to throw out, donate or yard sale them. Why you might ask???

They are NOT stylish, fitted, or functional! 100% cotton t-shirts do not wick moisture away from the body when sweating. I can’t think of anything worse than a soggy t-shirt hanging on my body in the middle of spin class. My second “beef” with my race day tees are that most of the time, the shirts don’t fit. I always ask for medium, but, usually, I swim in it. Logos are not cute, pretty and honestly, if I wear one, I feel “frumped out”. They are great, however, for painting the house, washing dishes, mopping the floor, giving the car a wash, lifting weights in the garage, hitting your local gym at midnight, dusting furniture…
Race promoters, sponsors, and t-shirt designers here is my request:
1. Give the runner the option to not purchase a shirt with the race entry fee.
2. The race day t-shirt would be GREAT if you used a high-performance, wicking material.
3. Design a cute, classy, fitted t-shirt and give the runner a choice! I would pay extra for a top that I liked and wanted to wear. IRUNLIKEAGIRL makes a great workout top that is not expensive and cute!  You could put your logo on the front and sponsors on the back, no problem!

Readers, runners, participants…what’s your opinion? Am I whining? Do you know of a race that has a cute t-shirt as part of the entry fee?

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