My Favorite Fitness Gadget The Kettlebell

Previously, I’ve written about my “Three Little Bells” and how I was using them. (here and here)
3 years later, I’d like to share how much more useful they’ve become for me now. I consider the Kettlebells in my garage my little secret. Most CrossFit workouts require either a 35 or a 53 pound Kettlebell for women. We also use the lighter weights to learn the Turkish Get-Up, One Arm Snatches and to work core strength holding two lighter weight {18 pound} Kettlebells by doing sit ups and presses with them.
The following is a simple list of benefits of using the Kettlebell:
1. Kettlebells can increase your heart rate in a hurry! You can get a serious cardiovascular workout using just one bell. For those of you runners, I’d highly recommend a KB workout on a non-running day as an alternative cross training type of workout.

2. I’ve read that you can directly improve your Deadlift by doing heavy KB swings (here)! And, I’m all about improving my Deadlift strength!! My last PR was 235 pounds and I’d love to get to 250!!

3. Kettlebells utilize your entire body with the two handed swing. It is a whole body- core strengthening activity.

4. You can improve your back, legs and arm strength with one extra KB workout a week!

I know there are lots of people who read this blog that love and utilize Kettlebells! Anybody have anything else you’d like to share?
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