New from Marika Miraculous Tummy Control Capri Pants

Marika Miracles has come out with a whole line of shapewear designed to enhance our figures! The good news, is that the price is reasonable–only $42 for yoga pants. In addition, the pants really do what they say– hold your tummy in and possibly provide a slenderizing look.
The bad news is that because of the concept, “tummy control”, I found these pants hard to get on and off. The material is a breathable material but I found them to be a bit itchy. And, either my legs are too big, or the cut of the material is very narrow, as well.
Overall, if you’re looking for a serviceable yoga pant for a good price and are interested in buying clothing for a “slenderizing” look, then these pants are for you. For me personally, as I have larger quadriceps and butt, these pants fit my body type awkwardly.
Marika Miracles Collection can be found online here.
P.S. Marika Miracles sent me these pants for purposes of review and this is my honest opinion.
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