On CrossFit Competitions…the good, the bad, and the ugly

Currently, I am on the fence as to whether to compete or not in the Next Level Invitational coming up in November. Just two weeks ago, both my husband and I had the opportunity to compete together on the same day in the same crossfit competition, spend the day together and have two nights without our kids–all for the sake of competing.

Image Credit: Brittany Houston, CrossFit Unforgiven.
Rewind a bit on the last NLI competition:
Good- hanging with hubby all day, hanging with my CDR friends all day, competing {although not all that fun}, finishing at 15th with little to no sleep competing against girls half my age…
bad- rain, hail, lightning causing the events to be changed
ugly- my attitude can be in the toilet sometimes when it comes to big changes, lack of sleep, lack of confidence, negative thoughts running through my head, blah blah blah.
The Next Competition comes up on November 12th and I’m on the fence as to commit or not.
Anybody, want to chime in their opinion?
What it means between now and then is an even bigger time commitment for working out- possibly 1-2 days of double workouts, extra sleep, extra stress, time away from the kids, and an overall lack of motivation to be a good mommy when I should be XYZ (insert selfish thing like Epsom salt baths, recovery stretching, cooking and eating).
If I commit to it, I could potentially train for a top ten spot, zero prize money and a nice post-event party. What could I gain? Valuable competition experience that could come in handy if I were to be on another Regional Team. Strength and experience and an opportunity to improve my skills. Improve my overall ability to adapt and excel in any situation.
Side Note: When I was twenty I worked as a waitress in a hotel in Dallas. For some unknown reason, there was a plane delay that dropped 50+ people into our restaurant at 10 o’clock at night. All of the other waiters made them self scarce and left me to wait on all these people. I could have freaked out like they did and gone home, but, I didn’t. I stayed and ended up earning $100+ in tips and had a great time!! It’s all about the attitude.

Yes, even with this post, I’m still on the fence.  If I were to be honest, maybe my lack of motivation is fear that I’ll stink it up!
Thoughts, comments or suggestions?

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