One Smart Mama Sheila Watkins, Founder of Healthy Moms Fitness

I love meeting new people! Particularly those people who have made a career out of their passion for fitness, cycling, workout apparel, healthy food, and services such as coaches and fitness instructors. This quest of mine, lead me to Healthy Moms Fitness and founder, Sheila Watkins.

Sheila Watkins has been a pioneer for perinatal fitness since 1987. Her passion has lead her to write/teach/manage HealthyMomsFitness which is a complete fitness and exercise program for mothers and their babies.
When she first started teaching pregnant women, she needed to develop a complete workout that included cardiovascular fitness, weight training, pelvic floor exercises, and a relaxation component.
She is also the author of Resist-a-Ball, which is an instructors’ manual on how to teach core strength using a ball.

What is Healthy Moms Fitness?
Healthy Moms Fitness is a complete program for the pregnant woman that starts with preconception and continues through postpartum. There are several different courses that can be offered by a Healthy Moms Fitness instructor. “Yoga Mama”, “Moms, Babes and Balls”, “Power Stroll”, “Aqua Fit”, “Total Body Conditioning for the Expectant Mom”, and “Postpartum Abdominal Recovery, Introduction to Pilates”. All of the Healthy Moms Fitness Instructors must have an ACE (American College of Exercise) certification in personal training or group fitness instruction in addition to course work and a certification exam with Sheila Watkins or Marybeth Winstead.
What is the difference between Healthy Moms Fitness and other Stroller Programs (Stroller Strides, Stroller Fit, Baby Boot Camp)?
Health Moms Fitness is a complete certification course with ACE (American College of Exercise) credits. There is a training manual that accompanies each certification course and it is CLINICAL. Sheila’s background is in reproductive physiology and she requires her instructors to know exactly what is going on in a pregnant woman’s body for each trimester. She teaches her instructors to be “thinking instructors”. They need to be able to adjust and modify an exercise based on the students needs. Stroller Strides, Baby Boot Camp, and Stroller Fit all primarily focus on helping moms get their bodies back after baby.
Healthy Moms Fitness is a business opportunity! If you’re thinking of starting your own fitness based business for moms, I think this one offers the most variety and instruction of all the Stroller Fit types of companies. I’ve had some experience with Stroller Strides and Baby Boot Camp and although they are good workouts- their is very little variation between programs. Healthy Moms Fitness offers programs for each stage of pregnancy with lots of different options after the baby comes.
Contact Sheila Watkins or Marybeth Winstead at Healthy Moms Fitness for more information. Marybeth is also the author of “Healthy Moms-New Moms Growing Gracefully with Baby” and you can read it here.

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