Can Paddle boarding Help You Burn Calories? Know More

It doesn’t matter what age or shape you have because people of all sizes, shapes, and ages have started to perform paddle boarding as a way of a full-body, fun activity. If you don’t like overcrowded gyms, then this can prove to be a great alternative that can change your entire lifestyle. 

You’ll be able to exercise on a river, lake or ocean, while also breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the beautiful sunlight. Stand-up paddleboarding is a type of exercise that you’d love to perform every day, without any fuss. Therefore, to help you learn more about the different types of stand up paddle boards for beginners and the number of calories they can help you burn, we have created this comprehensive guide.

The Different Types Of Paddle Boarding Exercises And The Calories They Burn

  • Recreational Paddling

Recreational paddling can be termed as one of the most common types of paddleboarding. It’s an easy process of paddling in calm water, along with light winds and the overall pace is slow. When you perform this exercise, you can expect to burn at least 305 to 430 calories per hour. The process will feel much more fun and enjoyable than trying to run on a boring treadmill. 

  • SUP Surfing

SUP surfing is also one of the most popular paddleboarding exercises and this exercise can also improve the way you surf. On average, you can burn around 620 to 735 calories per hour. Moreover, this exercise is also great for beginners who are starting out. The calorie burn rate will be low during the small waves but will be high during the rougher & bigger waves. 

  • SUP Racing

This is one of the most intense SUP exercises you can perform on a daily basis. When you race with your paddleboard, there’s no chance of slowing down and the average number of calories that you can burn per hour is around 710 to 1125 calories. So, if you like to be highly competitive, this is a great exercise for you. Furthermore, the number of calories that you’ll be burning will be depending upon your stroke form, stroke intensity, water conditions and overall wind speed.

  • SUP Touring

This exercise will be fantastic for long distances, especially at a moderate pace, without even stopping in-between. You can burn around 615 to 710 calories per hour in this session. Moreover, if you like to perform adventure trips, this can prove to be a great exercise. Moreover, the process is extremely relaxing. 

So, now that we have provided you with a multitude of options, it’s now your duty to select the one that fits your needs the most. 

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