Paleo Fitness Book Review


“Primal Training and Nutrition to Get Lean, Strong and Healthy”

The workouts are designed to be done anytime anywhere with very little equipment- although access to a pull-up bar would be necessary. The training program involves a fairly strict and structured plan that is Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Tuesdays and Thursdays involve Tabata work (20 seconds work, 10 rest) for a certain number of rounds. The exercises include all kinds of body weight movements…some I’ve never heard of but I am sure they would be effective. The authors call Saturday workouts the “Super Saturday” workouts and they involve things like sprinting, Front Squats and a Farmer Walk.
Each and every exercise is demonstrated with photos and illustrations. In addition there are levels of work per week Level 1-3, meaning you could do four weeks on Level 1, then do four weeks on level 2 and so forth. I definitely believe this type of programming would be effective and helpful especially for a novice exerciser and I’m sure it could be done with kids! In fact some of the exercises I plan to use with my students.
As for the nutrition, it calls for strict paleo (meats, nuts, some fruits, and vegetables). I personally have been following a 80/20 paleo for a long time now and have found it to be very effective. If I tighten the belts and remove the chocolate and occasional glass of wine, by lifts and numbers go up!
I can absolutely recommend this book to all of you for a variety of reasons. If you are new to exercise, this is a solid program to try out. If you want to go outside and exercise at the park with your kids, this one would be a great one to follow. If you are sick of barbells and the inside of a regular gym, this book is almost all bodyweight work that we can all benefit from.

I received this book for free for purposes of review and this post is my honest opinion.

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