Performance Sock Review SmartWool

Are these not the snazziest knee high socks you’ve ever seen?
StripeuccinoEspresso Socks by SmartWool.
Featured in the Title Nine catalog, designed to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, SmartWool is known for their performance wool for all outdoor sports.
Cyclists and runners tend to be a bit fanatical about their socks. Particularly me. Every year, at the Sea Otter Bicycle Classic, I’ve been known to buy at least 3 pairs of DeFeet socks at a time!
And, I’ve been VERY naive in the sock department my whole life, since I always had a brand I liked. Note: these socks do nothing for me in the winter. Been known to wear two or three pairs of socks and still be COLD.
Enter: SmartWool. Famous for their wool, specifically, Merino wool from New Zealand. Designed for the athlete by an athlete. These socks are not itchy, not clammy when wet, and will keep your feet warm for long periods of time. It is the best thing you are going to want between your foot and your shoe.
SmartWool offers a VAST variety of socks to choose from – anything from snowboarding to cycling to running to heavy duty cushioned socks for mountaineering. What makes them different from other brands are the details. From the form fitting sock, to the degree of cushioning, to the material. Makes my DeFeet socks look like a pinto in comparison. For the purposes of review, I’ve been working with the Smartwool UltraLight Running Sock and have been using them for cycling, weight lifting or teaching physical education (can’t wait till I can actually RUN in them!). They are wonderful. I love the way they feel in my shoes and the fact that my feet don’t stink at the end of the day!

SmartWool can be purchased online at the following stores:
Team Estrogen
I would definitely consider SmartWool socks to be an excellent gift this holiday season. My dad is a seasoned hiker, and I think he’d love the hiking socks they offer.
What is your favorite brand of running socks?

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