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One of the drugs that are taken by those who want to get rid of extra pounds is phentermine. Patients note its effectiveness. But, at the same time, the remedy differs in provoking side effects. The most undesirable is the formation of dependence. Therefore, the doctor must prescribe the medicine. Meanwhile, cases of its non-medical use are not uncommon – as a psychotropic agent that causes pleasant emotions.

Brief description

Hopes were pinned on the remedy as such, which quickly eliminates extra pounds. Phentermine was developed, started to be produced, but it did not become popular. It is used in a limited number of countries because they prefer more modern analogues. There is another reason for the rather sluggish appointment – psychotropic properties: on the one hand, the remedy brings the figure in order, on the other, it can cause drug dependence. Therefore, it did not become the drug of choice – drug risks are incommensurable with nutritional expectations.

Therapy is carried out as prescribed by a medical specialist. He monitors the patient’s condition throughout the course of treatment. This is a forced measure – because of the risk of developing psychedelic effects.

Somatic and psychotropic effects

Why do people lose weight when using phentermine? Several mechanisms of such an effect of the drug have been identified. It:

  • “extinguishes” the feeling of hunger;
  • eliminates psychological attachment to food;
  • signals the brain about food saturation (although in fact this does not happen – these are false signals);
  • prevents storage (accumulation) of adipose tissue.

In such mechanisms, an “intermediary” is involved. The body has a peptide (protein substance) that is responsible for the processes described above. Its activity may decrease – in particular, this happens under the influence of norepinephrine. Phentermine affects norepinephrine – prevents its reuptake (that is, deactivation). Thus, it affects the peptide that triggers the breakdown of adipose tissue and inhibits the feeling of hunger.

Under the influence of the drug also:

  • fats are metabolized faster (in particular, their reserves in tissues);
  • as a result of their splitting, energy is released, which is necessary to support many functions, including motor. This is why phentermine addicts can develop psychomotor agitation.

Norepinephrine not only affects the peptide on which weight loss processes depend. It belongs to the “hormones of happiness” – neurotransmitters that regulate the psycho-emotional reaction of a person. “Happiness hormones” bind to certain receptors of neurons (nerve cells), thereby triggering biochemical reactions that underlie the formation of positive emotions. This combination of anorexigenic and psychotropic properties is not unique – some other drugs with a similar combined effect are used in medicine.

When to use phentermine and when not to use it

The main indication for the appointment of the described drug is an increase in body weight. The relevance of the appointment increases if, against the background of obesity, there are:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • diabetes mellitus and some other pathologies.

A number of contraindications to admission have been identified. These are:

  • persistent regular increase in blood pressure;
  • heart, kidney and liver failure;
  • glaucoma;

Phentermine is not used if the patient has previously been diagnosed with dependence or has a tendency to addiction. It can be anything – narcotic, alcoholic or medicinal. Care should be taken to prescribe phentermine to the elderly, as well as in cases such as failures of carbohydrate metabolism, any period of pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding.


It takes less than two weeks for the body to develop a tolerance to phentermine. This is how you get used to it. Previous doses no longer cause the effects of the desired severity, so they have to be increased.

Against the background of dependence, prerequisites for the development of a withdrawal syndrome appear (other names are abstinence, withdrawal). It occurs if the dose of the described drug is sharply reduced or completely abandoned.