Plant Head Protein Powder Review

Plant Head Protein Powder sent me a sample to review here on the good ol’ blog.  Now I’m always on the lookout for protein powders, so I was excited to try this one.
Plant Head Protein is vegan and vegetarian and contains no gluten, dairy, soy, lactose or common allergens.  There is also nothing artificial and zero preservatives.
This protein powder gets its protein from peas, brown rice, green algae, cranberry, and hemp which I thought was interesting.  These plant proteins did keep me full, which I wasn’t expecting.
Plant Head sent me two samples: one chocolate and one vanilla.

With the chocolate one, I just mixed it straight up with some light almond milk.  It was good, the taste a little chalky but nothing I couldn’t get over.

This nifty little shaker they sent me made quick work of blending up the protein powder and milk.  That little circle whisk does a great job mixing up the protein powder.
For the vanilla sample, I whipped up a Cherry Blueberry Smoothie. You can find the recipe for that on my food blog, With Love from the Vine, so head on over to check it out!
Plus, as a new feature here on Fitness for Mommies, an original and healthy recipe will be featured on With Love from the Vine, written especially for Fitness for Mommies!

This smoothie is so delicious, and it really kept me full for a long time.  Something that smoothies don’t always do!
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Pro’s for Plant Head Protein Powder:
~vegan and vegetarian, which translated to it being more sustainable for the environment
~No GMO’s
~nothing artificial and no preservatives
~only 110 calories for 15 grams of protein
~the fiber in it is supplied naturally
~it mixes up very easily with no clumps
~it produces a very smooth drink
~it kept me full for hours
Con’s for Plant Head Protein Powder:
~it tastes a little chalky
~it mixed up really thick (but in all fairness you could just add more liquid)
~it says to keep out of reach of children, now when I make myself a protein shake or smoothie my kids always want a sip so that would be a deal breaker for me
~it states not to take if pregnant or nursing, why?
You can find Plant Head Protein Powder at Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, and GNC.

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