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I am a skirt fanatic. As an athlete I particularly get satisfaction out of beating someone on a hill and looking GOOD at the same time! There are no skinny girly quads on this girl- just bulging muscles. Skirts help me feel sexy and womanly yet totally able to do what I want- ride, run, lift, go to yoga, teach phys ed…you know, you’re a regular here. I’ve gone into detail describing my ideal running skirt here. One thing I haven’t done is discuss cycling skirts- mainly because I’ve only tried the Terry skirts and also because I didn’t know about other companies that made skirts for women. But, there are!

I love this image.
The wonderful people at SHEBEEST sent me their cycling skirts to try out so that I may write about it here!
Below, I am wearing, the sb cycloskort and jersey (can’t find the exact one on the website). My first test drive with this skirt was on that wonderful mountain bike ride I described on Monday! The first thing I wanted to say is that these products have been designed by a woman athlete for the woman athlete. Claudia Ried, founder and owner, understands what a woman would want and has been working diligently to make a name for her company in the cycling world. Second, FITTED and DETAILED. All the SheBEEST’s products are fitted to a tee. There is no boxy cut here. All are slenderizing, stylish and innovative. I particularly liked the adjustable waistband in this skirt. Third, I am very opinionated when it comes to the chamois (it should not feel or act like a diaper). Check out the SheBEEST chamois here. The technology in designing a chamois is amazing. “Cut for a woman’s anatomy”, “Anti-wrinkle technology reduces bulk”. A bad chamois can ruin a beautiful ride! The SB chamois has everything you need to keep you riding comfortably and in style! Honestly, I’ve never actually read up on how a chamois is designed, I can just tell you from experience that this is a good one. (Verge and Voler have barely passable chamois’s for women). SHEBEEST is also known for their leg gripers, which I thought were wonderful. Sticky but not too tight and kept those shorts snug on my legs.
SHEBEEST makes clothes for a woman like me and you to LOOK good and feel good when riding or working out. They have products for running and yoga as well!

SHEBEEST can be purchased online at REI or Team Estrogen. They are having a sale right now (20% off) one item and the SHEBEEST cycloskort is on sale for $59.00.

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