Protein Snacks For The Athlete On The Go!

There has been several times in the last few days that I have been caught starving and without food.  Number one this means that the meal I’d eaten prior to starvation must not have been a complete zone meal.  And, number two, it means that I’d better be prepared at all times to fuel my body appropriately so that I don’t have to dive in to Starbucks and eat the nearest carb loaded snack in the snack case.   Being on the zone diet does have it’s challenges and I am rising to them.  By writing about it here, it gives me the extra oomph to stick to it, however, I will admit to cheating more often than I’d like- that big handful of nuts I just ate or those fries I ate off my kids’ plate earlier are all signs that I am not as strict or as rigid as I need to be to get results. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day, and I’m always highly motivated at the beginning of the week!  In an effort to be better prepared, I’m including a list of the best possible high protein choices you can pack in case hunger strikes- nuts and carbs are easy to have on hand or can always be purchased with an iced tea or coffee.

Hammer Nutrition’s Vanilla or Chocolate Whey.  I could easily carry one scoop in a plastic baggie and mix with water.  That’s equivalent to 18 grams of protein, plus one apple and 2 cashews for a 2 block meal. Already cooked and peeled egg whites.  Who’s got the cooking of their eggs dialed in perfectly??? Would love to know the secret to get them to peel properly all the time. Chicken on a stick.  Cook extra chicken on weekends and portion it out to be one or two block serving sizes (already did this, knock on wood!!). Tuna packets in 1 ounce servings. Beef/Turkey jerky.  I don’t do this one as of yet, do you? I have a hard time chewing it.  Got a brand that offers a softer version of jerky? Included in my emergency kit should always be a small packet of nuts and an apple, or cherry tomatoes, or a pear…the list is endless, just a matter of being prepared.

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