Quinoa and Hemp Protein Super Foods

Quinoa. Have you heard of it? It’s pronounced Keen-waa. It is actually an ancient grain and on some websites, it’s considered the “SuperGrain of the Future”. Quinoa is a complete protein source. I’m still very much of a quinoa rookie and have only made it three times, but, the more I read about it, the more I’m willing to try it out. From what I can determine, depending on the way you cook it- quinoa can either be created into an oatmeal type of breakfast, a rice pilaf, tabouli, pudding, etc.. According to this website, any recipe that calls for a grain can be substituted with quinoa! You can even make Lasagna with it.
4 more reasons to enjoy the benefits of quinoa (from this website)
1. It’s a VEGETARIAN solution, a balanced-amino-acid source of high quality protein.
2. It’s a SENIOR solution, a high-iron food that raises the hematocrit, delivers more oxygen to the brain, fights senility.
3. It’s a DIABETIC solution, a very low-glycemic-index cereal type food.
4. It’s a TASTE SOLUTION, quite delicious. I used it in a purple cabbage & romaine & onion salad, with a stalk of chopped celery & celery leaves, salt & pepper and a pinch of cumin, with ranch dressing. By the way, it MUST be purple cabbage rather than green.
Who has tried quinoa? Anybody have a good recipe they’d like to share?

Yet, another amazing superfood! In one packet of Hemp Protein, you get 13 grams of protein! In addition to that, hemp protein provides a good balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6! Living Harvest was kind enough to let me try out their products so that I may share what I’ve learned with you here. Always, when I research the companies, I’m more and more amazed. I’ve tried the original flavor and the Vanilla Spice. The Vanilla Spice makes a really tasty smoothie! Reminds me of the “Chai Latte” offered at coffee shops. So far, I’ve only tried the original flavor once…I added it to my oatmeal. And, although, it tasted fine, REALLY, it turned my oatmeal green and that was a bit hard to take. The chocolate chili looks intriguing but haven’t tried that one. The recipes for it combined with Chocolate Hemp Milk look flavorful. Anybody tried this combo yet? Check out these recipes that calls for Hemp Protein in smoothies, muffins, soups, etc..
Living Harvest also offers Hemp Milk which I sampled a few months back and we also enjoyed those as well. In my local health food store, I can purchase the Hemp Milk for $4 a carton and the Hemp Protein is $19.95 on the website.

So, what do you think? What are some other superfood protein sources should we try?
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