Shiva Rea Fluid Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the first DVD that I’ve ever had that I’ve MADE A POINT OF doing again and again. Yes, I love yoga. But, I was doing yoga for a specific reason (still do) that is to improve my ability to be flexible around my hips and pelvis. However, with this DVD, I want to return to it because at the end I am CALM. Both my mind and body are challenged equally. The sequences offer a deeper stretch than with a Sun Salutation A & B and in different ways.Multiple Ways to Enjoy this DVD:1. Matrix. You can mix it up like a DJ to suit your own needs. Anywhere from 7 minutes to 300 minutes.2. Challenging. Instructions on basic back bends and headstands that are taught in a way that you have a place to start.3. Hip Opening Yoga Poses: Exactly what cyclists and runners NEED.4. Beauty. This must have been filmed on a white sand beach and the photography is amazing!5. From beginner to advanced. All levels of yoga is offered- even for the inflexible people like me!That’s it. I love it. Kids are still asleep at the moment, and I’m jumping up to do more right now. You can pick up your copy on Amazon for $14.99 or you can win one here. Also, for all of you pregnant mama’s Shiva also has a prenatal yoga DVD, too!Leave a comment on how you fit yoga (if you do) into your daily life and you will be entered to win. Winner will be drawn on February 3rd at 9PM PST.

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