The Ways to Choose the Best Type of Slot Cars for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Slot Cars

In simple terms, a slot car can be defined as a miniature scaled automobile that is thereby powered by an electric motor. The cars are then raced on a track that has grooves for each lane about each vehicle. The slot car also contains a blade or pin which extends from the bottom of the vehicle into the track. As the contacts brush up against the track and pick up electrical energy – the same is then transferred to the electric motor of the vehicle to create mechanical energy, which makes the car move.

The pin also tends to guide the vehicle on the track, which is then controlled by a hand-held controller with a speed plunger. The more strongly the plunger is pressed, the more quickly the car will move. It should come as no surprise that playing with such race slot cars have always been the dream of most children out there, which is the reason why slot cars are a great addition to your kids’ birthday party.

The Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Slot Cars For Your Child’s Birthday Bash

  1. The Overall Durability

If your slot car set provides a lot of customisation, then the overall durability of the car will be affected. This is because the internal components of the cars are prone to break when changed regularly. Moreover, it also becomes costly to replace as well. 

It should be noted that a race car should always be snugly fitted to ensure that there’s no tripping during speeding. Furthermore, the assembly and disassembly feature of the slot car set should be intuitive, as provided by services such as GT Raceway

  1. The Controller Capability

The controls inside a single slot car come in either digital or analogue formats. There are also some other types out there which use smartphone applications as their controllers as well. The analogue controls generally get attached to the track and thereby set the amount of power that is to be fed to a particular lane. Such controllers also use a pressure-sensitive switch to control the overall supply of power that is provided to the cars.

On the flip side, digital controllers are much more innovatively designed. Furthermore, they also offer a myriad of options to control specific cars as well. With the help of digital controllers, there is very less reliance on the internal components, since these are not connected physically to the cars – which thereby helps in making the system smooth and simplified. A digital controller can support up to four or six cars compared to the standard two on analogue controllers.

  1. The Cars

When it comes to slot cars, you don’t need to worry much about backwards compatibility. You can either choose to go with vintage car models or newer ones.

Vintage ones will generally cost more and are very sparse to find in the market. But, if your child is a fan of the newer car models, then you’ll be able to save money in that regard, as you’ll easily have lots of options to choose from. 

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