Spotlight On Sheila Moon

Passionate people who pursue their dreams…
Meet Sheila Moon
Elite Cylco-Cross Champion
Clothing Designer
Proud Owner of Sheila Moon Athletic Apparel

Those that pursue their passion to success- their own company, published books, championships, particularly, woman really inspire me. Sheila Moon, graduate of the San Francisco Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is next to be highlighted here at Fitness For Mommies. I was first introduced to her products last year at the annual Sea Otter Classic. It was impressive from the start. I loved the frilly materials, the high quality chamois, stylish jersey’s, head bands, arm warmers, all of it! Testimonies from the field have also been impressed with the fit. These products are designed by a woman so that they FIT a woman. How many times have you been out for a ride and your arm bands start slipping down your arm? What about a cell phone call while on a ride? The long sleeve hoody comes complete with a pocket on the sleeve!

Sheila has a background in sewing. She has been creating clothing for her doll since the early age of 5. She also is a champion in Cyclocross! Extreme cycling that is a combination of running and cycling over mixed terrain- something I am not nearly coordinated to try! However, an awesome sport and I love that she is passionate about cycling and pattern making and has been able to create her own line of clothing, cycling apparel.
“Ultimately, I design for women like myself, strong and confident yet sexy and feminine.” And, “My clothes fit active women on the move.”
The advance of high-quality women specific cycling clothing available now is outstanding! (I used to always wear jersey’s that were too big, my husbands, nothing ever fit properly) These clothes amaze me! You could seriously go out for a cocktail in these clothes. Nobody would ever know you just rode 5o miles.

Sheila Moon’s athletic apparel can be purchased at select bicycle stores, online at Sheila Moon and also at Team Estrogen. Check it out!

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