Stability Ball Workouts with SAVASA

Weight training is absolutely mandatory if you wish to change your shape. More muscle on your frame takes up less SPACE than fat does, therefor, any girl who wants that “zipped up” toned body, needs to weight train. There are lots of ways to incorporate weight training into your regular workouts each week. For example, push-ups, curl-ups, planks, and leg lunges with no weights could be considered weight training. Another example, would be an intense yoga class- that can be weight training as well. Finally, and my favorite, is basic weight lifting. I love looking in the mirror and seeing some definition in my arms. Just in the last few months, I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my strength just by lifting heavy weights (10, 15, and 20 pounds).

So, given the fact that I am a true believer in weight training, I’d like to introduce a concept you may know about already or may not. It was new to me, so I’m writing about it here; the concept of DOUBLE DUTY. The ability to get a full body weight workout by working more than one muscle at a time, particularly by using a stability ball. If you haven’t got one, now is the time to purchase (On sale for $19.99 on Amazon). Have you heard of SAVASA? A company of yoga and Pilates tools designed specifically for women! I was absolutely ecstatic to see jump ropes, hand weights, Eco- Weighted balls all designed for women! The Savasa women’s fitness lines unique product designs exemplify its natural origins and opposing forces in its yin yang shapes, textures and lotus flower logo. Symbolizing the strength, balance, unity and harmony women try to find and fit into their everyday lives.

“Throughout the line you’ll find that everything was created with meeting the unique needs of women in mind.

  • Complete family of coordinated-looking, custom-fit fitness products to fit women’s bodies and lifestyles.
  • Convenient, unique exercise DVD’s contain multiple, quick workout options to flex with your lifestyle needs.
  • Eco (short for environmentally conscious) friendly product alternatives to all cancer causing plastics
  • Convenient product selection guides are on each package to help you easily find the products that are the right fit for you.”

Here are just FIVE exercises you could do with the stability ball. The Stability Ball (Body Ball) is one of the most versatile tools that a fitness enthusiast should have. There are probably more than 50 exercises to do just with the ball. One of my personal favs- even better that Saves makes them in pink Squatting with ball + bicep curls

  • Lay ball against a wall and lower yourself down so that you look like your sitting in a chair, with the ball between yourself and the wall. This will engage all of your lower body muscles and then by adding even a Bicep curl- your are getting TWICE as much work in the same amount of time. Strengthen your glutarals with this amazing exercise!
  • Lay on ball with your upper body off the ball on your stomach, elbows are slightly bent and hands are on the floor. Legs are straight out behind you and then squeeze and lift your legs as high as they go. Fantastic exercise for the gluteal muscles. Abdominal Work with the ball.
  • Ball Pass: Lay on your back with the ball between your hands above your head, then simply pass the ball from your hands to your feet and lower your feet to the ground. This will work your entire core from top to bottom. Skip the “girl push-ups” and do these instead.
  • Modified Push-Ups: Get on the ball and roll out so that only your feet and shins are on the ball, then lower yourself into a push-up! How about three sets of fifteen??
Image: Women’s Health*Hamstring Curls. Lay on your back with your feet FLAT on the ball, lift your hips up into a bridge position, then you will roll your feet from a flat position to on your toes. Your hamstrings will scream at you, but it is fantastic for the backs of your legs!***Sit on it when blogging! Keeps your core active and engaged. SAVASA has Fitness Trainer Workouts you can access for free here.
Between the Body Ball and a jump rope, you can get a superior workout in just thirty minutes. With the help of my IPOD, cranked on high volume, I love to alternate between jump rope and lifting weights! Burn Massive Calories that Way. Also, this type of high intensity workout is considered HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I prefer one to two minutes per interval session followed by 1 exercise with weights or the stablity ball. One session I like is to alternate the plank with the jump rope in a one to one ratio. Savasa was kind enough to send me a jump rope as well and I love how the little handles fit into my hands!

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