Stamina 1690 New Gadget

Thanks to an Amazon wish list, this item came free of shipping as a gift from my dad! Thanks, Dad.
Now, since this is a fitness gadget, it definitely has some relevance here as a product review. So, folks, just in case you were thinking of buying this pull-up bar that is under $100, here is my recommendation:
It’s a boy toy, first of all. There are over 70 reviews of this product on Amazon and not one of them is written by a woman that I could find. Most people are using it for P90X and few are using it for any crossfit style workout. Being that I am an avid crossfitter, the following is what you can do with the Stamina 1690.
You can do strict pull-ups.

You can work on the L-Hang.

You can do “knee ups” or dips using the bench dip bars- although it is really too wide for most women’s shoulders.

You can also work on Toes to Bars, Knees to Elbows and possibly chest to bar pull-ups- although, it is really not conducive to any kind of back swing and the foam on the top pullup bar prevents multiple hand positions. Also, for men above 185, I’d recommend some sand bags for the base of support!

All in all, it’s a good quality, easy to assemble pull-up bar that will get lots of use in my garage. Strict pull-ups are way harder than kipping ones anyway!

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