How To Jump Start Your Weight Loss With These 3 Trending Diets!

Are you aware of the number of studies that are researching only diets? Nutritional guidelines keep evolving over the years as studies keep getting increasingly accurate. We must focus on consuming high-quality food. This in turn helps significantly in the maintenance and promotion of healthy weight among people. High-quality foods include ancient grains, whole fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein, good quality fats, and minimally processed foods.

It is easy to get confused, eat the wrong food, over-exert at the gym and end up sustaining an injury in the process. Without having the nutritional awareness behind each diet, you can easily fall prey to its side effects. For instance, if you are trying to quit smoking, it is always better to play it safe, and first consult an experienced hypnotherapist, or speak to a client of a stop smoking hypnotherapy session. Gold Coast Hypnotherapy is passionate about helping their clients achieve a positive lifestyle change; they offer a combination of therapies to eradicate addictions, anxiety, phobias, obesity, a range of mental health issues, sleep disorders, physical ailments, sugar cravings, and so much more.

Best ways to kick start your diet

There is always a new diet trend that promises to help you lose weight, have more energy, feel confident, gain muscle mass, and help you get rid of those love handles! With all of these ‘trendy’ diets in place, where should one look toward for the right type of information? And, if you are the type of person who is quick to opt for surgery, for weight loss in Gold Coast, then hold your horses, be a little patient, and see if one of these new diets can achieve the same results for you.

  • The Alkaline diet:  This diet puts its main focus on generating an alkaline state in the blood, which is achieved by utilising foods that counter acidity, thereby promoting alkalinity. So, you can’t eat grains, eggs, meat, flour, processed food, junk, caffeine, sugar, most milk products; although kefir grains and yoghurt are allowed. You have to try, as much as possible, to buy organic alkaline foods which include dates, kale, garlic, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, grapefruit, ginger, celery, bananas, watermelon, cauliflower and a very long list of the good, alkaline stuff! The benefits of this diet are increased bone density and muscle mass, lower inflammation levels, protection against cancer, increased immunity etc. It significantly improves heart health too. This seems great, if you don’t mind skipping the junk food aisle!
  • The Paleo diet:  It is also called the ancestral diet (from Palaeolithic times!), sheerly because our ancestors ate like this. The diet is all fibre and high protein. Nothing processed is allowed here, because our ancestors didn’t have a junk aisle rack to choose from. They used to find food through hunting, so, think of good protein sources (eggs are allowed here), fresh vegetables, seeds, fruits and nuts. There are no grains in this diet, so it might be hard to follow in the long run. Paleo is a great diet but, maybe, not for everyone. If you have no issues spending on whole, unprocessed foods, and are dedicated to preparing your own meals, then this might be the right plan for you. Adding a multivitamin supplement, will help you fill those nutrient gaps.
  • The Ketogenic Diet: The ‘keto’ diet is the most talked about diet in the history of weight loss. It has been talked to death over social media, and even your grand-uncle is probably on it! This diet mainly focuses on the intake of almost nil carbohydrates, moderate protein, and a high amount of healthy fats. It can be compared to the Atkins diet (Remember that one?). This program depletes all your glucose stores, which puts your body in a state of ketosis, finally leading to burning your body’s own fat for fuel. Several people have obtained significant amounts of weight loss on this diet. It helps improve insulin resistance, and is considered a great option for diabetics. Do not eat any form of grains, cereals, pasta, oats or sugar. You may use stevia or monk fruit to substitute for sweetness in beverages. Consume all types of healthy fats like olive and coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, cream, broccoli, kale, asparagus, spinach, cucumber, cauliflower, and more. Did you know that the keto diet was, initially, prescribed for epileptics? Due to these benefits, and more, the keto-game has been going strong for some time now. However, if you have issues with your kidney function, then you have to take precautions.

Other than the above discussed, intermittent fasting and carbohydrate cycling are two more diets that are being researched. All these diets are guaranteed to help you in weight reduction; you just need to figure out which one is the right fit for your body type. So, are you all set to clean out the fridge to go grocery shopping, and follow the next new diet plan suited for you?

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