Top 3 Tips for Successful Return to Work after Maternity Leave

As a woman, a mother, you often have to make a choice – and you may opt for a sabbatical to accommodate the changing needs during pregnancy and then when you bring home your baby. Then again, once the rhythm restores a little, you may choose to take a call to get back to work. So far so good. But once you leave your baby behind and step away, the stress and tension start to surmount. On one hand, you feel worried to leave behind your baby; on the other, you stress about resuming your work responsibilities – which would be in addition to your commitment as a mom (not to mention the tasks of maintaining the household).

Some useful tips to help you get back to work post-pregnancy!

From being solely a career woman to a working mother, your preferences have changed a lot in the past few months. Perhaps your priorities have changed a little too. Maybe that’s what makes you ill at ease. Don’t worry. Be your confident self and you shall take it all to your stride.

  • Start by making up your mind first — Whether you believe it or not, your life has taken a 180-degree turn in the past few months, and getting back to work would require lots of introspection and nurture. Keep your expectations as practical as you can. Know that you will have to juggle a lot between your time schedules. The key is to be patient and organized – plan your schedule ahead, chalk out your tasks and how you plan to execute them – and finally, be patient and positive, and also kind to yourself. Give your best but learn to let go after that. After all, you are human, and there’s only this much you can do – and there is nothing to be guilty about what you cannot.
  • Trust your childcare — Naturally, when you are going to step out of the home for so many hours, you’ll have to find the best and trustworthy help. In Melbourne city child care centre like Kids & Co is the best solution for your requirement. They will look after your child just as a guardian does and help you stay relieved and worry-free  about your child’s well being and comfort. Research well before choosing the center you can rely; but once you do, believe in them.  J Build a healthy relationship with them for the sake of your baby. And to be assured you always have baby monitoring systems via which you can see and connect with your baby at the tap of your smartphone whenever you want.
  • Talk to your boss — Though you are back to work again but obviously you need some modifications in your routine. Late nights and early mornings may not be comfortable for you. You may even choose not to travel out of town for work for a while. Take some time to talk about all these clearly with your boss to avoid the tension later.

Apart from all these steps, learn to shade your workload – be it at home with your partner, or be it delegating to your colleagues. Both being a mom and having a career are parts of your life, and you have to play the roles long-term. Learn to be ok with little snags, and also secure some me-time to nurture your soul. With a little time you would see you are balancing it all beautifully. 

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