8 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Paddle Boarding to Benefit Your Body

Paddle boarding has repeatedly been proved to be one of the healthiest and advantageous sports. Are you someone who’s not into hitting the gym for bodybuilding, yet would love to stay fit and in shape too? Paddle boarding is the perfect balance of great posture practise along with a regulated workout and alertness of mind. Everything that you need for a positive effect on your body and mind, you can derive from this sport. And of course, it being a sport, there’s always an element of fun and enjoyment!

Recently, a lot of happy reviews has been associated with paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing as stress buster water-sports. Who can deny that the level of stress is alarmingly rising for all and sundry, and we are always looking for ways to shake it away from our life?! Water-sports could be a fun way to achieve just that! And what else, it’s less demanding in terms of equipment too. Just a new or even second hand kayaks in Devon, a paddle, a life jacket, helmet and there you are off to a super rewarding fun-filled ride!

Benefits of Paddle Boarding

There are numerous (and by this we mean literally innumerable) advantages of going for paddle boarding in Croyde. With the BBenefits of Paddle Boardingoard Barn providing you some excellent gears needed for your paddle boarding experience, you’re sure to have a competent safe and fulfilling time enjoying the sport. These products are of commendable quality and are available at the best of rates to suit all your needs. While you are about to start your experience of paddle boarding, let’s check its incredible benefits!

  1. Balancing — Paddle boarding is great on creating a better balance of your body. Your expertise in balancing your body on the water as well as when you’re off it is hugely improved! This sense of stability which is developed during this time is quite beneficial for your everyday life as well. We may not think about it much, but balance is the root to any movement – from walking, to getting out of a chair or bed, or even tying your shoelaces!
  2. Builds Up Your Arm Strength— As paddle boarding requires paddling for hours, it no doubt increases your arm strength to a great level. With the continued exercise of paddling, you give your shoulders and arms a great workout.
  3. Better leg Strength — While on the board, you are constantly giving your legs a good time adjusting to the rocking of the board as you are paddling. Bending, straightening, stabilising throughout the experience helps you gain a better leg strength as you glide through the water.
  4. Mental Exercise— Paddling requires a lot of mental energy too. The way you adjust during those tough waves, the sharp moments of changing your position to stabilise yourself and the ability to understand the way to glide through the waves demands an alert mind all the way. With paddle boarding you are actually sharpening your sense of alertness and adjustments which is one of the greatest benefits of this sport.
  5. Stress Buster — With paddle boarding you are actually getting a great help to beat that building up stress. As you go away from the social world in the quiet sea, you get a clear vision of your life.  You can also get some mental clarity through this sport. The crucial decisions which are hard to make otherwise in a normal lifestyle, becomes easier to take while you’re on this journey. Apart from it, the beautiful expanse of the sea amidst the breath-taking view of nature can be a stress reliever too.
  6. Best Against Cardiovascular Issues— Paddle boarding is a kind of a low impact exercise. Such kinds of exercises are great for your heart health. The strokes of paddling help you get a better workout done, which leads to better heart pumping rate. Thus, because of it, you can have the minimum or no risk of cardiovascular health conditions.
  7. Amazing Source of Vitamin D— Lack of sunlight exposure is the biggest cause of deficiency of vitamin D. This can lead to various health issues like fatigue, weakness in bones, chronic pain, etc. While you go paddle boarding often, you get quite a good exposure to sunlight, thereby meeting up the deficiency of vitamin D. This again can prove to be the best for your health.
  8. Better Explorers— As you discover paddle boarding more, you become an expert in navigating through it much better. The curiosity of your soul increases and you are tempted to explore more of the world. The perfect treat your wanderlust soul needed!

Along with these, evolving as a tougher person, with flexible body, increasing stamina at a great level, improvement of core strength are some of the other beneficial advantages of paddle boarding. So, drop all your woes and get set for this extremely healthy water sport! 

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