Taking your tea “up a notch”

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to try Tea Zazz. Thanks to this blog, we’ve tried some wonderful food and beverage products. And because of the sampling opportunities, I will now buy those Kefir Yogurt drinks for the kids, Almond Milk, Hemp Milk (if available), Naturally More PB, and PB2. I enjoy testing out products and sharing my thoughts with you. If I say I like a product, I really do. So, this leads me to Tea Zazz.
Have you heard of it yet? Tea Zazz was designed for the tea lover who also enjoys the fizz. An 8 ounce serving contains 25 calories. Ingredients included are carbonated water, sugar syrup, green tea extract, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, natural flavor and sucralose. The two flavors we tried (hubby and I) were Green Mint Tea and Peach Tea with bubbles. Both have “powerful antioxidants” in them.
What is my opinion of the drinks?
Honestly, since I am barely a green tea drinker, it was hard to get used to the green tea/mint/bubbles. A very small glass was sugary, bubbly and minty. Not my favorite. I preferred the Peach Tea over the Green Tea Mint flavor yet I probably wouldn’t buy this one in the store. It’s just not my thing. If I’m having tea, then I want it hot with honey. My hubby will drink anything with bubbles and did enjoy it more than I did. And both of us preferred the Peach Tea over the Green Mint Tea.
So, if tea and bubbles are your thing, then you will enjoy this drink!

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