Terry Bicycle Skorts Get them while they are HOT

    Terry Bicycle Company is one of the premier bicycle companies out there for women. It is owned by a woman. Terry designs bicycles, saddles, and clothing all for women. Her saddles are the best and you can get them for all levels of riding- from recreational rider to racer. She also sponsors a pro-women’s race team. You can always spot them because their outfits are bubblegum pink.

    Terry is having their end of season savings sale and it is TIME to get yourself a skort. As far as comfort goes, these are top notch. These skorts can be purchased with a chamois- “Pro-racer” or “Commuter” or “Cruiser” with no chamois. The design is the wraparound material that is attached to a high quality bicycle short underneath. Some are even available in a wrapper style which is simply a wrap around skirt. The wrappers are designed to do some creative changing at races. The “pro-racer” is the shorter length of a regular bicycle short and the “commuter” is a bit longer in length. I prefer the “cruiser” because I’d rather wear these skorts all day and so I prefer the ones without the chamois.

    As far as activities for these skorts- “cruiser” are multi-purpose skirts with shorts underneath. Years of teaching Physical Education- these were the perfect outfit. Now, they are great for park dates, pilates classes, Hawaiian vacations, spin classes, etc..I can not say enough good things about these skorts!

For the bicycle lovers in your family, this robe is perfect- and on sale! Valentine’s Day is coming up…

These cycling tops have built in compression bra inside and cute little pockets in the back for your keys and a Power Gel. They all come in coordinating colors for the skorts.

Finally, one of my all time favorite workout hats are the Life is Good hats- they are on sale too!

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