Testing Nitrean Opticen

When my trainers at my local crossfit box recommend a product to me, I usually scoff at them and tell them, I have Hammer Nutrition and I’m happy with that!  Seriously.  I have been a loyal Hammer fan for many years and not interested in trying new things, ha ha ha…. However, there are several reasons why I am willing to test out some new products now after many years. My main issue is that I am always sore from a workout. Always.  Sometimes for 4-6 days depending on the workout.  75+ Jumping Squats was a six day soreness.

And, I have been taking Hammer’s Recoverrite daily immediate following the workout and then within one hour having a big zone breakfast of 6 egg whites + lots of veggies and avocado.  Still very sore following a workout. My second reason for trying new products was that my trainers recommended them.  And, he had a convincing testimony;  after a long plateau,  he was able to  improve several of his  max’s on big lifts like dead lifts, shoulder press, and front squat.  (He took Nitrean in the morning before work and at bedtime). Competition time!!  In one month I will be competing in my second cross fit invitational!!  It’s time to ramp up and get ready for some serious competition! Finally,  Chris Mason, owner of At Large Nutrition has an article published in theCross Fit journal about supplements and why we should consider them in addition to our ZONE/Paleo diets.

The Plan for one month:

1.Take 2 scoops of Nitrean Protein Powder daily (morning and night).

2.Take 1 serving of Opticen immediately following workouts.

3.Take 1 serving of ETS daily morning and night.

Results to follow the competition!

P.S. At Large Nutrition sent me Opticen and ETS and I bought the Nitrean at my cross fit box.  At Large Nutrition is not paying me for this review and my opinions are my own!

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