LIFE IS QUITE STRESSY. And sooner or later, it takes control! It’s not a good thing. It is easy to lose sight of yourself, your health, your wellbeing, and your overall well-being while trying to keep your household together, making ends meet, and running a household. You must put yourself first once in a while. Do you remember the ME FIRST plan.

Massage Therapy is a First Line of Defense.

Massage Therapy isn’t just for the wealthy or those who live in luxury. Massage Therapy should be compulsory for all active persons from 12 to 112 years old!

You might be asking why? You might be asking why? The only reason you should visit your GP is to obtain a prescription for western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs that are not available over-the-counter. Your GP is a glorified administrator who can push through the paperwork, write the prescription, or refer you to a group of specialists. This leaves you “in pain” and makes it difficult to find answers to questions about your health.

Instead of listening to your body, why not listen to it?

It is more intelligent than anyone else. Try to remain still and listen to your intuition, gut instinct and heart. You have the answers, and it has the ability to heal itself. You can stop putting more toxic substances and synthetic compounds in your body than you get from the foods you eat, the air that you breathe, and the stressors you face every day.

A 1 hour massage is the best way to give your body an “over” and it’s also the most cost-effective. Your body’s ability to function at its best is dependent on stress relief. What better way to relieve stress than having someone touch every muscle in your body for a superficial examination? These may be signs that something is wrong. Massage Therapy can be your first line defense, rather than running to the doctor and waiting hours to see your GP. You will be a blessing to your body, mind and soul!

7 benefits of mobile massage therapy

1. The massage therapist comes to you no matter where you live in the Greater Vancouver Area. You can save yourself the trouble of finding the clinic and fighting traffic.

2. Your Chosen Surroundings will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You can choose to have it at your workplace, home, or outside by the water, lake, or forest. The setting can be set according to temperature, ambiance and atmosphere.

3. The Mobile Clinic provides support for the massage table, lotion, and linen.

4. There is no aggravation to your body policy. The mobile clinic will come to you. After your massage is completed, you can simply go to bed and continue enjoying the therapeutic benefits.

5. No Rushing you Out Policy. Relax and let the Massage Therapist handle all the details and timing. You can “switch off”!

6. More hands-on time You can get a massage for as little as an hour or as long as you like. You will receive 60 to 90 minutes of hands-on treatment. Assessment and verbal interviews are only 15 minutes each and will not interrupt your treatment time.

7. Anton RMT offers a progressive and effective therapeutic treatment. This includes both on-site and mobile treatment. As your body heals from an ailment or condition, the techniques may change and evolve. This dynamic, progressive approach allows for faster healing and rejuvenation. It changes with the body’s progress. This is personal and professional.

By Jeannette

Good manners in kids is the reflection of good parenting and that is what I believe in. As a mother and fitness trainer I recommend that it is necessary to keep yourself healthy in order to raise your kids in a healthy world.

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