Ok, so, this topic makes me giggle!  How many of you want a big butt?!  And, I don’t mean Big like BIGGGG, I mean big, muscular and tight big booty?  You know, like Venus Williams big? I had a friend stop me on the street recently to ask, “What could she do to get a butt like mine?”  I swear!  Then, she told me I had an amazing ass which her toddler son promptly repeated, hahahaha!
I have been blessed with a big booty which I swear was a curse when I was younger.
However, having a big bum has propelled me through many marathons, bike races, triathlons and now it does help with lifting.   My father used to tell me I had inherited the family genetic of having a big butt…now, it’s been multiple sizes throughout my 40+ years.  In high school, I had a size 12 big girl booty and I did just fine running cross country and track.  Got to college and did the same thing along with some bike racing….still a good size 8 girl.  Had babies, a good size 8 on a 5’6? body frame is a good size booty.  I carry all my extra weight/baggage in my butt and thighs.  Now, that I am happily into my 40?s, I can honestly say that I have a size 4 butt.  Smallest it’s ever been in my career of athletics and it’s all because of LIFTING and having a darn good diet.  The more lifting I do, the smaller it gets.

Now, apparently having a big booty is a hot topic in the fitness world. I’ve read at least 5 different articles just this week on how A) Lifting gives you a great butt and B) How Lifting Can Improve Your Butt size and shape. In addition, if you google “How to Improve Your Butt through Exercise” There are thousands of articles! Even one article says that if you have a super deep squat (like High Bar Back Back), it will give you a bigger butt. Ha. Love it. Guess if you want a bigger, tighter better looking butt, you should be weightlifting!

Check out this link to get you started:
Charles Poliquin

Anybody else want a bigger butt? You can also read this old post of mine, “I want a big butt”.

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