It can be hard to keep your motivation for exercise firing consistently. If yours has been lagging of late, then getting excited about the high-tech future fitness trends is sure to get you up and running again. From a personal trainer in your pocket to the death of diet culture, here are the five most exciting new fitness innovations to ignite your motivation:

1. Personal trainers 2.0

There are already plenty of apps from fitness gurus and celebrities offering you a personal trainer in your pocket. However, as we move bravely into the future one minute at a time, these apps are set to get more immersive and enjoyable. You will soon be able to integrate wearable tech and VR gear with your apps, allowing you to burn calories and get fit while gaming. The early iterations of this can be found already with treasure hunt apps, VR gyms, and apps that pit you up against fellow users.

2. The re-invention of home workouts

With 2020 dominated by mass quarantines to protect the populace from COVID-19, the need for high-tech home workout options will be driving innovation. Boring treadmill or stationary bike workouts just aren’t going to cut it anymore, and this is where smart technology will come to the rescue. From intelligent weightlifting systems to smart fitness mirrors with an in-built personal trainer AI, home fitness is about to get one heck of a makeover.

3. The end of diet culture

This has been coming for a long time, and it seems the diet bubble is finally about to burst. There are only so many fads you can try and fail at before you finally realize the problem is with the diet industry as a whole, not you. Along with the growing body-positive movement, intuitive eating has risen to prominence. This is a return to the simple pre-diet days, and all it demands is that you:

  • Eat minimally processed food
  • Eat when hungry and stop when satisfied
  • Let go of strict rules
  • Enjoy your food and eat mindfully
  • Stop labeling food as “good” or “bad

4. DNA-specific workout plans

DNA testing isn’t just for tacky daytime talk shows. The fitness industry is now using DNA testing kits to help people gain insight into their genetic makeup and how this will impact their fitness. By delving into your genetics you can dig up the information you need to improve your performance and tailor your approach to diet and fitness.

DNA testing will reveal if there are any hormones keeping you from efficiently burning fat. It can also give the tester physiological information that will inform the workout suggestions they give you. This will allow you to simultaneously overcome whatever has been holding you back, and optimize any gifts Mother Nature has given you.

5. An evolution in wearable witness tech

Since 2016, smartwatches, fitness trackers, heart monitors, and other forms of wearable tech have consistently ranked in the top three of new tech trends. Fitness focused companies are already experimenting with and developing clothing and other fitness wearables that will set this industry booming. Whether you invest in this industry or simply take advantage of the products, the smart fitness wear market is gearing up to deliver phenomenal results. With so many trendy apple watch bands and accessories available, you can also make a bold fashion statement in the process!

With all these innovations to get excited about, there’s no excuse for sitting on the couch a minute longer. Get out there and get moving!

By McAbee

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