The KALYX Bra & A Discount Code

Ladies, how important is it to support your girls?!
Back in the days of actually having breasts, I was all over the super supportive- boob smasher variety.  I’ve reviewed many that have done their job in that department.  Heavy amounts of running required a heavy duty bra- the CW-X was my favorite until my body started changing.  Then, came the need of a padded sports bra so that I at least looked like I was well endowed, LOL!!  The Handful, Inc was and still is one of my favorite sports bras EVAHHHHH, but, now I have a new one to share with you about.

The KALYX bra is brand new and has already been featured in Life and Style Magazine with Jennifer Anniston wearing it!  And, she just happens to be wearing the “Centered” bra which is the one I got to try out!  I am not kidding you when I say this one is now at the top of my list of sports bras.  It’s incredibly soft, non-padded- but offers a nice “lift” without being too sexy and the back has an open mesh pocket for breath ability!  And, it’s reversible!  WOW.   I suppose I am going to have to revise my favorite products list as this one is awesome- the Handful will be my “daily” wear because of the pads and the KALYX will be my go to bra for all workouts.
Note: The only thing I’d do differently is make the sizing based on rib cage size.  At the moment, the bras are sized by dress size which does not always equate to your bra size.  I could easily have gone up a size and been fine as well.
The “Centered” KALYX bras are priced at $42.  You have a 20% OFF code until April 15th.
Enter FITNESS20 at checkout.
To find out more about the KALYX bra click here.
P.S. KALYX provided me with this sample and this is my opinion!
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