Thoughts on the Gym Girl

On the weekend, we received the Gym Girl with our entry fees. So, I thought I’d share my opinion of the Gym Girl, since I know you’re wondering about it. I have previously written about Skirt Sports more than a year ago, here. But, that skirt has since fallen apart at the seams. That camo pink skirt had shorties in them which are completely different from the shorties in the new Gym Girl. The pink camo shorties were incredibly TIGHT and they were kind of tough to pull on. Which is probably why it fell apart- that and the fact that I wore it weekly until the seams busted. I did love the material and style. Felt like I was running in nothing!

So, the new and improved Gym Girl is completely different. The shorties are the exact same material as the shorties in the running dress.  They work great for their purpose- provide you with a breathable material in a shorts style. The material is lightweight and will not cause chaffing. The style is great with a flat waistband made of the same breathable material as the shorts. There is one small pocket on the inside leg that could hold a gel or key but I ran with a gel in my pocket and it did bounce around a bit.
I will say that they are very forgiving in the sizing. It seems to me that if you normally take a medium- you would probably be fine with a small. Bobbi is wearing the small and it may be an inch shorter but everything else is the same.
When you register for the Skirt Chaser race you are asked to choose between several colors and styles, but, at the race we only had two choices: Gym Girl in neon pink or the Gym Girl in black with spankies. My absolutely honest opinion is that Skirt Sports are making great skirts for women, but, they are expensive!
And for Christmas, I’d love the holiday skirt and tank top!

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