Toddlers and Natural Health Medicines Is it Safe All You Need to Know

It is really discomforting for a parent to see their baby cry, especially with regards to an ailment. You try to understand what will cure the disease only failing to do so. Moreover, any parent is obviously cautious about the type of medicines that they can give to their child. You might think whether or not it is a good idea to opt for traditional medicine. You would have also considered only going for natural remedies in the hope of eliminating the disease. Here is a brief account of what you need to know before you take any decision.

Homeopathy and Natural products

What makes homeopathy a good option is the fact that it is safe for your child. There are no dangerous side effects to it and you can easily administer them to your kid. You should keep in your mind certain things before giving homeopathic medicine to your kids. Not to mention the variety of home remedies that is out there for your little one. For instance, the age-old saline solution for congestion and a cold and hot compress for pain management. These tips are evergreen and you might even have heard your grandmother talk about them. When your kid has nausea, you can make some ginger tea for them. However, even when you are using natural products you must be really careful. A good example here could be using honey for relieving cold. Ideally, kids who are below one year old should not be given honey as it might cause botulism.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine basically refers to acupuncture, homeopathy as well as chiropractic. This type of medicine needs to be performed after due consultation of the pediatrician. This is because it can be quite dangerous to administer it without the right knowledge. It does not mean that you totally should stop using alternative medicine but you have to be very careful while doing so. Back in 2016, the FDA banned a homeopathic teething remedy as it contained a fatal ingredient. There had also been 10 toddler deaths accounting to this tablet. Likewise, there are several herbs and medications that do have a lot of side effects. Just because it contains the word natural does not mean that it is definitely safe.

The Right Approach Helps

When it comes to the health of your little one, you certainly have to take a wise decision. Do your own research if you may but always use some sort of immediate medication along with the alternative practices. Some medical intervention in the initial stages will go a long way rather than delaying the treatment. Who knows, the symptoms might also get worse

Final Note

Thus, there are a lot of things you need to know before impulsively opting for natural health medicines. Your toddler’s health is precious and you must do your part of the research to keep the kid safe. It is quite natural to feel helpless especially when the little one doesn’t even know how to communicate. You have to go by your gut being a loving parent and take professional help for the same. Certain traditional medicines are not suitable for young kids and are only advised if given by a professional doctor. On the other hand, going all the way natural also comes with certain risks. Don’t just trust the medicine simply because it is natural. Always do your research about its ingredients and whether or not they are safe for your baby. No matter what type of medication you choose, always remember to be there for them and shower them with a lot of love and affection. Always consult your pediatrician as they are the best people to guide you through it. A wrong decision can harm your kid which is why you must try and find out about the best way out.


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