Types of Trainers

For those of you who are wondering about bike trainers- there are three main types of trainer and all have their pros and cons. Since I am married to a bike racer and as I was one back in the day, we have all three kinds in our garage! The main thing is the cost. When purchasing new, you are looking at $300 to start. However, if I was you, I’d start looking at Craig’s List or your local bike shop- cause we all have stuff stashed in our garages we don’t use!

Bicycle Rollers
Great for learning how to ride STRAIGHT (obviously you fall off- if you can’t)
Great for interval work
Last forever. The rubber band is easily replaceable.
Not great for climbing situations
Workouts are limited to an hour or less (my opinion)

Easy to use
Can do it ANYWHERE
Workouts can include intervals, climbing, steady state, etc…
Lower Cost of $250+
This type is the one I’d recommend. They are just really easy to use and would be easy to hook up in living room with children running amok.

If you’re loaded, have won the lottery, are super serious about cycling, or have a tax return to spend, then I’d buy this one!! Hubby bought ours a few years ago and I use it now more than him. It has the ability to download courses via yahoo maps and can simulate any ride any where. The trainer is hooked up to the bike and a computer and will give you power output, cadence, mileage, etc– basically anything you’d want to know, this thing can tell you. I put the display on and it will show me if I am pedaling circles or squares! You can race the guy on the right or you can turn him off. When I’m serious about cycling; as I was 8 weeks ago, I’d ride this three times a week.
Fantastic training tool!
Again, I’d do your research before buying. I’m sure if you hunt around, the trainers or rollers could be found used for a reasonable cost. Also, I’m giving you the quick and dirty on the trainers- if you need more details- see the local bike shop!
First Road Rash of the Season. My kid is 5. Riding a big boy bike. Believe me when I say this but he is dying to ride every single day. It’s always a bit of a compromise on when this gets to happen. In fact once I said, “when dinner is over, we can go for a ride” he was dressed and “full”. No longer interested in food at all.
I pull out my comfy chair, blackberry and water and ***attempt*** to relax. This crash happened within 10 minutes of being outside. He lost control of his back tire and wham. Nice road rash on his knee and elbow. He was pretty freaked out for about 4 minutes before he was up and riding again!!
“Congratulations! Welcome to the world of bike riding.”

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