Upcoming Event The CrossFit Games

Click on the image to see it larger. {This is the team event schedule}

This week begins the start of the CrossFit Games at the Carson Center in California. The Home Depot Center holds 27,000 people and they have also sold tickets to an outside venue! If you haven’t heard of the CrossFit Games, you will now. It will be convered by ESPN3 live all weekend. This is the ultimate fitness competition that requires strength, gymnsatic abilty, endurance. All of the athletes must posess a high level of skill in all areas to be competitive at this level. My affiliate, CrossFit CDR, will be competing as a team all weekend long and are ranked 2nd in the world! In addition, there will be some amazing athletes competing as individual and Masters. Some of my favorite women athletes include Lindsey Smith, Elizabeth Aikinwale, Rebecca Voigt, Kristen Cleaver… and the list goes on. There are several women athletes who are over 40 and moms!
To learn more about the CrossFit Games, please visit their website.

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