Virtual Cycling in Hawaii

“Global Ride’s Virtual Cycling DVDs give indoor cyclists a unique first-person riding experience. Each DVD was carefully created by road cyclists to provide the best possible training for indoor cyclists, outdoor cyclists and group Spinning® classes. Upbeat music, multiple selectable coaching tracks and high-quality video shot from the rider’s perspective take you on a global journey unlike any other cycling / Spinning® DVD on the market.”
If you are a cyclist, a recreational rider or even a racer, these DVD’s are perfect for your home gym. Each DVD features a 45 minute spin class with views of the ocean all over Hawaii. I’ve been using these DVD’s for quite some time now and every time I watch one, I find new depth. For each DVD you have your choice of coach- either Italian, Australian or American and a choice of music or not. Sally Edwards was my favorite of the American coaches and I love the option for Italian or Australian as well.
The workouts are similar to what you’d find in a spin class and I particularly enjoyed riding on the highway with the demonstrator. If he was climbing, then I was climbing, if he was sprinting, then I was sprinting. I could even pick out landmarks to sprint to! It makes riding indoors unique and challenging.
What else do you get with the purchase of one DVD? Your choice of workouts- strength training, yoga, or Pilates taught by experienced instructors depending on which DVD you buy.
Gene Nacey, founder of Global Ride, wanted to bring the indoor cycling world outdoors and have the outdoor cyclists find inspiration with an indoor workout. I’ve loved these DVD’s and watch them 2-3 times a week and never get bored. Once you know the workout, you can plug in your IPOD and just go to TOWN. An absolute must have for the cycling enthusiast.

To find out more about Global Ride, click here.
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