What Is Yoga Fit

One of my goals for next year will be to become certified to teach yoga. In a previous post, I asked Sage Rountree about the steps involved in becoming a yoga teacher (link). This is not as simple as it sounds. Yoga Works and White Lotus (just to name a few), are very well respected programs recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Those that are yoga alliance approved will allow you to work in a yoga studio. Those that are recognized by the Yoga Alliance will most likely be costly and very time consuming. Yoga Works for example is a $3500, for a three month program, 4 days per week. Programs such as this would probably be amazing…for the future. Which leads me to YogaFit. I’ve been reading the book and it is absolutely basic yoga information. All the poses you already know have been broken down into details for getting into the pose, holding the pose and any modifications. At the end of the book there are YogaFit workouts that includes Power Yoga, YogaFit Lite, Golf, cycling, kickboxing, and skiing.

YogaFit is not about breathing but more about the athletic and fitness aspects of yoga. YogaFit’s program was the first to be offered in a health club environment and the focus is more on the beneficial aspects of yoga and less on meditation. Yoga Fit has been around since 1994 and has an extensive teacher training program.There is Levels 1, 2, 3, PIlatesFit, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Seniors and YogaFit Kids. All the courses are recognized by the American Council of Exercise (A.C.E.) and you can earn continuing education credits. Most gyms recommend that the instructors be certified by ACE.   I also appreciate the way the teaching sessions are offered- that is in – small chunks of time.   Also, the fact that once you pass level one, you can begin teaching in a gym.   Level one can be completed in two days time for a total cost of $350. What do you think? Sounds good to me!

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