What It Takes to Be A Certified Personal Trainer By Profession

Professional Fitness Instructor

Take Care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” These words by the great Jim Rohn encourage us to lead a healthy life, and some go far ahead to become personal gym trainer helping the community to build a healthy society. Gym trainer, Yoga Instructor, Personal dietician, are some of the booming professions, that help people achieve their goals. But how they made themselves to be a trainer one can trust upon? There is no question that trainers sweat, work hard, spent hours in the gym to shape their bodies, but the other aspect includes patience, determination, and controlling your mind to achieve the goal that has been set. Exercising not only means increasing physical strength but mind-control too. Hence it takes a great deal to become a certified fitness trainer. Trainees expect their instructors to be aware of all the body functions, muscle growth supplements, body composition, knowing the fitness level of the client and what methodology and techniques to adapt to shape up the desired body. A trainer should be ready to answer all questions of the trainees efficiently and this requires some form of training.

The Journey to Be A Professional Fitness Instructor

Preparing Your Body 

The first thing a trainee looks in his/her instructor is the body. Your body shape, muscle strength, flexibility, should be high enough to impress the learners at first glance, and for that, you definitely have to be a fitness freak. Watch online videos of trainers from other institutes, stay updated with new fitness trends and keep your body completely fit and fine. The second thing that comes to place is the diet. Yes, exercise only boosts up the muscles, but what we eat determines a major percentage of our fitness. A trainer should know how the body reacts to certain types of food, what one should cut from his/her body to get the desired tone. Most importantly, a trainer should be motivational enough to bring you on track if you’ve dropped your fitness goals. Having a fine body makes you eligible for certification courses. 

Join a Trainer Certification Course

Like other profession being a fitness trainer doesn’t require a degree or diploma. You can join a professional certification course in Australia. Certificate III and Certificate IV are nationally-recognised qualifications for fitness trainers. There are lots of reputed fitness studios, gyms that offer these courses. Certificate III enables you to train individuals inside a fitness facility in organised classes like Zumba, Spinning, Weight-lifting, and others. The Certificate IV gives you the authority to be a personal trainer and work individually with your clients. It also opens your door to start your own fitness business or gym facility. 

Get Experience

During your fitness certification course, you will be required to work for some hours in a gym facility to gain work experience. You need to undergo vocational placement to know the insights of a gym instructor and how they manage time, interact with clients and deliver the desired results. You can opt for gyms, recreational centres, aquatic facilities, and other centres to get experience.

Register As A Fitness Professional

Now you have the body, certification, and experience; it’s time to register with a reputed organisation. There are many organizations available that provide registration facilities. A registered fitness professional has more chances of employability. It shows you have the required skills and qualifications to be a professional gym instructor. Having all these requirements makes you ready to be a personal trainer. Now you can apply to any reputed gym facility, and they will surely hire an exceptional trainer like you. What’s more, Certificate IV owners can open their facility and be their own boss. Being a personal trainer allows you to work with people with the same interests, in an identical environment. And what’s more, you are in a profession that not only focuses on self-being but helps you build a healthy and sound lifestyle. Maybe, you end up with a student that might make your name proud with his/her goals. 

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