What is the difference between “power yoga” and yoga?
Power Yoga is a series of yoga poses taught so that the focus is more on a workout rather than “true yoga” like I knew it at Yoga Works.   At power yoga, we will hold plank for an eternity, work on push-ups, lots of sit-ups, long holds of chair pose and leg lunges.   Almost no time for the last resting pose, no chanting or oming, but, the message is still clear.  Yoga can help everyone at whatever level their at…Also, it’s HOT.  Temperatures range from 80-100 degrees in the studio depending on the number of students.  Sweat drips off ever pore of the body and it’s especially challenging when in downdog and all of the sweat goes straight into the eyes!
What should you wear to hot yoga?

Shorts or Knickers (by Oiselle) have worked fantastic for me in yoga.  Tank tops that are moisture wicking is mandatory.  Wet t-shirts in yoga are awful!
Note:  Wearing shorts is cooler, but, you will still SLIP when in balance poses.  Must bring towel, yogi-toes towel, and a water bottle to yoga.
Oh, and it’s National Yoga Month!  Hope you all can get out and try a class this month.

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