Yoga Works Instructor An Interview

In two weeks, I will begin a 12 week Yoga Works Teacher Training program. Although, I’m incredibly excited about it, I’m also very curious as to it’s going to effect me as a person. With all the reading I’ve done on yoga, I am hopeful to learn how to manage stress, anxiety and balance…(thinking this will be a post for another day). I’m also curious as to how yoga might change me as a person. The following is an interview with Fay, my program advisor for Yoga Works. She’s incredibly positive and encouraging and I hope I can show the same enthusiasm for yoga as she is here:

1. Can you tell me how you got started with yoga works?

After moving to Orange County in April 2008 I discovered YogaWorks. I started practicing at the Laguna Beach studio in May. I love the diversity and quality of yoga and Pilates classes offered! I quickly learned about the Teacher Training program that YogaWorks offers. I had wanted to become a yoga teacher for a long time, but had not been geographically close enough to attend any Teacher Trainings. I did my 200 hour Teacher Training in August 2008…loved every minute of it…and started teaching yoga a few weeks after my Training ended.
About a month after my Training ended I learned the YogaWorks Teacher Training Program Advisor position in Orange County was available. I was hired, and love the job! I love talking with people about yoga and inspiring them to follow their dream to become a yoga teacher.

2. How long have you been doing yoga? Is it your favorite form/only form of exercise or do you do anything else- such as running, cycling, etc?

I have been practicing yoga since 2000, so about 9 years. I have taken several sabbaticals from my practice – to move to different cities and start a family…but always return to the practice. It is my favorite form of exercise – keeping my body, mind and emotions all healthy. I also do Pilates several times a week to help with core strength. Core strength helps so much in yoga, particularly for balancing poses and inversions. I also walk, hike, swim, and chase my 3 year old son around for extra exercise.

3. Did you feel that your life changed in any way after becoming a yoga teacher?

Yes, completely! In my past professional life I was stressed, did not enjoy my career, and did not have enough time to devote to my family. Choosing to teach yoga has solved all of those problems. I LOVE having yoga be my career! I work part time as the YogaWorks Teacher Training Program Advisor, which fulfills my craving for some office time with coworkers. I teach yoga about 10 hours a week. I teach Vinyasa flow, kid’s yoga, prenatal and Mommy&Me yoga. I love sharing with my students the amazing holistic benefits of yoga! I also consider my own yoga practice to be part of my work week. I am now happy with my career and love my various yoga job(s)! I am not stressed – and that’s worth so much in this current economy and political environment. I am able to create my ideal schedule which puts my family first. And the best life change is that my yoga career has made me healthier – physically, mentally and emotionally.

4. Do you have a favorite form of yoga?

I love Ashtanga, creative Vinyasa Flow classes, Iyengar for precision alignment instruction and injury recovery, Restoratives when I need a mellow day, and kid’s yoga with my son! It’s all great – and so good for your whole body!

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