Experiences From An Unplanned Pregnancy To Nurturing a Healthy Baby

Unexpected pregnancy brings a lot of questions and depending upon the current lifestyle, the measures to deal with this dilemma differs. Unplanned pregnancy in a relationship is somewhat easier to deal with, but for a single woman, it is very complicated and stressful. Finding the right solution while pregnant is exhausting. Thus, it is necessary to consult with your family, friends and most importantly, your inner self. Only you know what’s best for you. Start by questioning yourself then your partner, family and friends. Are you ready to raise a healthy child? Is your partner comfortable and will support you in future? Are the family and society issues restricting yourself from being a parent? Divide the scenarios, and only then you can come to the best conclusion. A good family support and counselling can help you significantly. But the most important thing is not to panic, as this can have a negative effect on your baby.

Early Pregnancy Decision Married couples facing early pregnancy may often find it too complicated. Life goals, money, stability, family planning all comes at stake. But it might happen the right counselling could help you get the best decision of your life. Thus, the first thing is to not to make any decision quickly and consider all scenarios. And if you have decided to bring your baby to this beautiful world than welcome to parenthood. Parenting (if possible) could be one of the best decision you can make then adoption or abortion. However, pregnancy involves a lot of milestones one has to achieve before welcoming the baby. For a pregnant woman, it is like going to a whole new world. From food & drinking habits to exercising, the lifestyle of women completely changes.

Effective Ways to Prepare Yourself For A Healthy Baby What to Eat and What Not Eat foods that keep you healthy during pregnancy. Remember, by eating healthy foods, you are not only feeding yourself but providing the right nutrients to the baby inside you. It is advised to eat a balanced diet in small intervals of time throughout the day. Your meal should have all the essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, and water. Avoid eating raw or uncooked food; this includes meats, smoked seafood, and fish as they have high levels of mercury. Unpasteurised dairy products and cheese are also not recommended.

Maintain Hygiene While we know you keep yourself hygienic, here the terms of hygiene extended to practices like spending less time with pet animals, avoid passive smoking. Ask your partner to reduce smoking as it has thousands of chemicals which are harmful to the baby and could result in babies with low weight, miscarriage or premature delivery. Do not indulge yourself in painting jobs as the toxicity of chemicals could cause cancer symptoms.

Moreover, it is advised to cut your caffeine consumption. Clothing and Footwear This one is definitely on the list, to maintain your body posture and help you during the labour. Adapt the habit of wearing loose, comfortable clothes made from breathable fabric. Coming to footwear, prefer the flip-flops and flat surface sandals rather than high inch pointed heels. Fashionable heels can make your walking difficult due to belly size. Exercising You may feel tired during your pregnancy weeks, but it is very much essential to keep your body fit and fine for the labour. Do exercise that will help you for the special day.

Consult a professional trainer or mid-wife. Birthing balls, breathing exercise, and perineal massage are some of the exercises you can try. The Baby World Having a baby is a long phase, but the milestones of raising your child are not yet complete. Taking care of a baby is the most challenging task, how to breastfeed? What baby formulas should I try? How to manage the baby lactose intolerance? The questions just replaced from deciding to have a baby to nurturing a child. These Points will help first-time parents to decide what’s better for them and how to raise a healthy baby.

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