It is a major decision. A childcare centre is much more than just four walls. It’s a place for learning, discovery, growth, and fun.

It can be difficult to choose the right childcare option for your child. A place where you and your values align so that you can leave each morning feeling confident that your child is in good hands. One where you are eager to hear all about the day’s adventures and can’t wait until pickup time.

It’s not an easy decision to choose the right childcare centres in mt roskill. But we have some tips to make it easier.

Take a Centre Tour

You can read websites or look at social media posts, but it is not enough to get a real sense of a childcare centre until you actually visit it.

If you’re interested in a specific childcare centre, the first thing to do is to schedule a tour.

You can get a glimpse into the space where your child will spend their time. You can inspect the quality of the facilities as well as things such as hygiene.

You will meet the people who will care for your child and educate them. It is possible to observe your child interact with other children and gain a better understanding of their personality and the environment at the center.

Research Online

The website for the childcare centre is a good place to start. But don’t stop there. Take a look at the social media pages of the childcare centre, as well as their Google reviews. See what else you can learn about them online.

You may find more information on the history, curriculum, and programs of the center. It also lists key people and educators. 

Talk to other parents.

Ask other parents who have children who attended the same childcare centre as you to find out their experiences. You may discover things you didn’t know about the center and gain unique insight.

Ask your local parents or community members if you don’t know of anyone who has used this center. These groups can provide multiple perspectives and offer a wealth of information.

Trust your gut instinct.

Trust your gut instinct at the end of it all. Do you feel confident about the childcare centre you’re considering? Are the staff and educators friendly and welcoming? Are you comfortable with the idea that your child will be dropped off at this childcare centre every morning?

Your instincts and gut feelings will help you choose the best childcare centre. 

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